• Episode 125: The Plane Hopper’s Wife

    Some old friends try to figure out what’s going on on the material plane and strategize a way to get back to it. Jack comes clean about Penny and Julian. […]

  • Episode 124: To Kill a Jubjub Birb

    The party loots what remains of Naphexi’s den before advancing with the specter of the still living dragon hanging above their heads. Charlie learns two letters of the alphabet. Penny […]

  • Episode 123: Roll Out the Welcome Dragons 3- Plant Stop This Feeling

    The party rushes into their toughest fight yet. This is it. Can they beat Naphexi? Laura wears a dragon’s boyfriend. Tarasia and Cyryxx swap places. Penny struggles to find spells […]

  • Episode 122: The Decapitation of Frog

    The Party faces off with terrible abominations of fey creatures that may have more tactical prowess than it seems. Charlie and Penny pull off a wombo combo for the ages. […]

  • Episode 121: Somewhere Groger the Rainbow

    A strange creature emerges from the waterfall in the dragon’s den and its up to our party to figure out what’s going on. Penny violates the fantasy Geneva Convention. Cyryxx […]

  • Episode 120: The Thorn Ultimatum

    There’s a weird Fey/Vampire afoot and the party must defeat it before facing their hardest challenge yet. Cryrxx and Laura get infected by fey worms. Penny scouts a dragon’s den. […]

  • Episode 119: Northern Sprites

    Someone is “stoned” and the party must figure out a way to solve that problem before moving on to several others. Tarasia finds a creature she can take out her […]

  • Episode 118: Cyryxx and the Technicolor Death Spray

    The party arrives where their magic compass points them but a new threat is revealed in the heart of the Blighted Fangwood. Cyryxx and Tarasia get stoned. Penny learns about […]

  • Episode 117: Do the Blight Thing

    The party makes its way into the deadly and alien landscapes of the Blighted Fangwood. What mysteries and dangers will they find? Penny reconnects with an old wizard friend. Tarasia […]

  • Episode 116: There Will Be Blood… Hags

    The Party reconnects with a long lost ally as the make plans to advance on the blighted fangwood. Cyryxx tells of the green place. Tarasia helps Rufus man up. Charlie… […]