About Us

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Derek P
Dungeon Master

Derek is the DM of TGL and plays a variety of exciting NPCs. He enjoys just like, y'kno, "chilling" and his favorite game is Half-Life 3. He was voted the most sneaky bitch on the podcast.

Jeff M
Gorgug, Tarasia Flamebreaker

Jeff plays the half-orc bard Gorgug and the human warpriestess Tarasia Flamebreaker - it's my headcanon that Tarasia is Gorgug's daughter. He is an Excel sheet extraordinaire and is currently fixated on Destiny 2. He is known best for his ability to escalate situations within the campaign - he is currently tied for the most funerals.

Lucy D
Jean Jacques Rousseau, Penny

Lucy plays the human paladin Jean Jacques Rousseau and the human arcanist Penelope "Penny" Jorgen. She enjoys GM'ing two other Pathfinder games and her favorite video game is Fallout: New Vegas. A self-described Taurus, she was voted most likely to argue with the DM about an important - yet minute - rule. 

Sam B
Cyrryx Pleiathor, Gina Pendleton

Sam B plays the half-elf mesmerist Cyrryx Pleiathor and the gnome alchemist Gina Pendleton. They enjoy knitting and their favorite video game is Hollow Knight. Sam is best known for the amount of NPCs that have been brutally murdered very quickly after being seduced by their characters. 

Sam E
Truxton Pendleton, Richard Kuklinski, various Charlies

Sam E plays a variety of fun-loving and chaotic characters, richly embedded in Paizo's existing Pathfinder lore. He enjoys snakes and his favorite video game is Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Famous for never remembering which accent to use. 

Will W
Gregge Tuller, Laura Tuller

Will plays our resident bow-people, Gregge and Laura Tuller. He is potentially the world record holder of the most natural 1s ever rolled. Will plays Pathfinder for fun (what a nerd!) and his current favorite video game(s) is the Elder Scroll series.