Month: April 2021

  • Episode 121: Somewhere Groger the Rainbow

    A strange creature emerges from the waterfall in the dragon’s den and its up to our party to figure out what’s going on. Penny violates the fantasy Geneva Convention. Cyryxx […]

  • Episode 120: The Thorn Ultimatum

    There’s a weird Fey/Vampire afoot and the party must defeat it before facing their hardest challenge yet. Cryrxx and Laura get infected by fey worms. Penny scouts a dragon’s den. […]

  • Episode 119: Northern Sprites

    Someone is “stoned” and the party must figure out a way to solve that problem before moving on to several others. Tarasia finds a creature she can take out her […]

  • Episode 118: Cyryxx and the Technicolor Death Spray

    The party arrives where their magic compass points them but a new threat is revealed in the heart of the Blighted Fangwood. Cyryxx and Tarasia get stoned. Penny learns about […]