Month: March 2021

  • Episode 117: Do the Blight Thing

    The party makes its way into the deadly and alien landscapes of the Blighted Fangwood. What mysteries and dangers will they find? Penny reconnects with an old wizard friend. Tarasia […]

  • Episode 116: There Will Be Blood… Hags

    The Party reconnects with a long lost ally as the make plans to advance on the blighted fangwood. Cyryxx tells of the green place. Tarasia helps Rufus man up. Charlie… […]

  • Episode 115: The Five People You Leave in Kroggodan

    The party begins an all new adventure as they are informed of some twisted goings on deep with their old stomping grounds: The Fangwood Forest. Penny and Taraisa realize they […]

  • Episode 114: Another Heist Episode

    Confronted with failure the heist party must figure out how to get away? Maybe they already have? Gina makes a decision about her future. Golarion Rewards his crew Truxton flakes […]

  • Episode 113: Palace Heist

    The crew has broken into the lower floors of the palace and now only one goal remains: Replace a sword for Golarion. Edgar cuts himself some bat ears. Elanor learns […]