Month: February 2021

  • Episode 112: Golarion’s Five

    The heist mission continues as the gang does recon at the fey party. Anagallis gets a bloody head. Edgar practices his baking. Truxton is looking to get rid of Street […]

  • Episode 111: Golarion’s Four

    The party makes preparations for whatever comes next in the war. Liev rolls a whole bunch one ones. Edgar has eyes all over the place. Anagallis cheats at dice. Music […]

  • Episode 110: Day of the (Not So) Dead

    The party emerges from their epic battle, but they have some loose ends to deal with. Tarasia loses a lover. Penny watches a man read a paper. Charlie falls for […]

  • Episode 109: Ghost in the Priest

    The battle with the old Ironfang spymaster reaches a deadly conclusion as the group must make an important choice. Penny acts as a makeshift cleric. Tarasia lets someone into her […]