Month: January 2021

  • Episode 108: Medusa in the Shell

    The Battle with the ghost of an Ironfang Spymaster continues after the party makes some new preparations. Laura Abandons the Bow. Tarasia uses a new blade. Charlie can’t miss. Music […]

  • Episode 107: Wine and Blind(sight)

    The party finishes dealing with the haunt before figuring out the best course of action to dealing with the medusa in the next room. Penny promises not to look. Charlie […]

  • Episode 106: The Haunting of Laura Tuller

    The Party makes their way to the final chamber of the Vault of Ascension in hopes of finally figuring out the mystery of the Onyx Key. Penny hasn’t had breakfast […]

  • Episode 105: King of The Keys- The Eight Towers

    The party must fend for their lives while taking on a foe that they have a sordid past with: A Purple Worm. Tarasia murders a statue. Gorgug make wishes a […]