Month: December 2020

  • Episode 104: Fiends with Benefits

    The Party Must deal with a dangerous trap before continuing on in the dungeon. Penny Scouts ahead. Charlie tells his best joke. Jeff meets an old friend. Music and Sound […]

  • Episode 103: Love and Other Gugs

    The Party faces off against a Gug Spellcaster and their summoned demon pal. Gina Bombs. Tarasia Slices. Charlie and Laura shoot. Penny Pits. Everything seems normal, right? In lieu of […]

  • Episode 102: Swept Under the Gug

    The party chats up a ghost in the Reliquary of Ascension before discovering some strange alien creatures not meant to be there. Tarasia gets hit for once! Charlie goes all […]

  • Episode 101: Charlie’s Back

    The party must recover from the death of a companion and move forward in their quest in Kroggodan. Penny has a perogie. Laura has a breakfast ale. Charlie secures more […]

  • The Council of Gorgugs Play Jeopardy

    The gang meets and old friend and tries to save another one. Gorgug recruits. Gorgug shops. Gorgug bring the gang to an eldritch evil. Music and Sound by Syrinscape. Because […]