Month: October 2020

  • Episode 96: Ray it Again, Sam

    The party faces a charm spell from a Naga before finding their greatest challenge yet. Laura rolls a 1. Charlie rolls a 1. Everybody rolls a 1. Music and Sound […]

  • Episode 95: Crystal Whipped

    The party has found it’s way into the Furnace of Kroggodan and a myriad of alien creatures await them. Charlie does quick maths. Penny is a little too fast and […]

  • Episode 94: The Mis-teleportation of Gina Pendleton

    The party continues their fight with the cult leader that has some surprising mental power, but a surprise tactical decision threatens to throw the party off balance. Penny asks for […]

  • Episode 93: Trox of Ages

    A mysterious stranger roams the tunnels as the PCs uncover a mystery of murder, revolt, and religion. Penny becomes a crusader. Tarasia is mean to a soldier. Charlie tends to […]