Month: September 2020

  • Episode 92: Negotiating the Stone

    The party engages in combat with a group of slavers, but the decision of a captured man may cause problems. Charlie is bloodthirsty. Tarasia introduces a foxy new friend. Gina […]

  • Episode 91: Champagne SuperNovvi

    The party spends some time with an old friend at her trading post hideout as certain truths become apparent to the new members. Tarasia loses a bet to Charlie. Gina […]

  • Episode 90: Mad Grax- Worry Road

    The party is confronted by the morlock chief, a hulking woman augmented by Zanathura’s experimentation. Do they have what it takes to escape the warrens? Music and Sound by Syrinscape. […]

  • Episode 89: Thus Spoke Zanathura

    The party engages with the boss of the dungeon: a locked door. Cyrryx wishes she were here. Penny goes on a stealth mission. Tarasia test the meddle of her goddess […]

  • Episode 88: Love is a Hundred-Legged Thing

    The party faces the consequences of getting a little too close to some shiny rocks as a morlock fight continues. Tarasia gets up on the wrong side of the bed. […]