Month: August 2020

  • Episode 87: Skrimp Skamper

    The Party discovers all sorts of new tests waiting for them in the Morlock warrens. Can they figure out who Zanathura truly is? Tarasia gets some hella cool aviators. Charlie […]

  • Episode 86: Under Morlock and Key

    The party begins to explore the top floor of the morlock Warrens and find some of the morlocks have a few tricks. Tarasia wards off poison. Penny doesn’t mind killing […]

  • Episode 85: How to Ignore a Dragon

    Statue Guardians swarm the party before they get the chance to have a last meal prior to entering the Morlock Warrens. Charlie tries to set Buster up on a date. […]

  • Episode 84: Go Towards the Light(ning)

    The gang checks out the Officer’s tent in Kossuruk’s fromer home base, but there may still be some enemies watching them. Tarasia won’t go in on a plan to wind […]