Month: July 2020

  • Episode 83: The Hills Have Ogres

    There’s Friction within the group as they all discover Cyrryx’s plan, but the all have to push forward. TO KROGGODAN! Tarasia deals with the loss of a herald. Laura Changes […]

  • Episode 82: Dealings and Diplomacy

    The dwarves make some startling discoveries on the way to the capital. Will they be able to make a deal with the emperor? Tugnabeana loses gains. Jamie won’t go down […]

  • Episode 81: Three Bean Circus

    The gang of Dwarves takes some leisure time to visit the circus, but is everything as simple as it seems? IDK, probably. “The Wall” considers enhancements. Ace fights a tree. […]

  • Episode 80: Wyvern After Reading

    The dwarves make their first inroads into Molthune, but strange forces are already waiting for them. Jaimie forgets who he is. Tugnabeana makes some speed laced lasagna. Ace submits to […]

  • Episode 79: In-Laws and Orders

    The Dwarves start the trek towards the Capital of Imperial Molthune, but happen to get sidetracked along the road. Ace rides a horse wrong. Jamie reveals Dr. Noodle. Bean auditions […]