Month: April 2020

  • Episode 70: The Battle of Longshadow 2: Saving Private Crawbert

    The Mayor’s life hangs in the balance as the party charges in to destroy the nightmare bugbears before it is too late. Penny vores a troop. Charlie can’t see invisibility. […]

  • Episode 69: The Battle of Longshadow

    The battle to save Longshadow starts off with a bang as the party scrambles to find the best point of defense. Laura loses a daughter. Penny loses a son. Charlie […]

  • Episode 68: Now You Siege Me

    The party fights to prevent the advancement of the siege engines destined for Longshadow. Penny does blood magic. Tarasia asks for honesty. Laura makes a promise to Cyrryx. Music and […]

  • Episode 67: A Penny for Your Thoughts

    The group is reeling but there’s not much time to save Longshadow, so they must continue their work. Cyrryx gives Laura some parenting advice. Tarasia seeks out evil. Jack has […]

  • Episode 66: Snakes in a Cave

    The group is challenged by the leader of the Warbeast Encampment. Will hey have fun fighting a handsome danger noodle? Charlie gives nicknames and gets one back. Jack gets a […]