Month: March 2020

  • Episode 65: Charlie and the Gorgon Factory

    The party makes their way deeper into the warbeast camp and meets cool dude with weird bird. Cyrryx and Tarasia get stoned. Jack slides through the cracks. Charlie gives the […]

  • Episode 64: Thnks Fr Th Minotaurs

    The party finds an out of place creature in the nest of the Wyverns before marching on to the next Ironfang Camp. Will they find peace here? Probably not. Jack […]

  • Episode 63: Lost Wedding and a Funeral

    Back in Longshadow, our heroes are forced to take stock of what’s important before being distracted once more. Cyrryx gets married. Laura sees them all die. Grogug and Truxton are […]

  • Episode 62: A Long Way From Gnome

    As Cyrryx faces potential catastrophe, the party must regroup if they wish to come out of the duel with the alchemical golems alive. Truxton give a gift to Novvi. Cyrryx […]