Month: February 2020

  • Episode 61: Crashing the Camp

    A new companion makes waves in the team as they advance on the Ironfang munition’s camp. Cyrryx engages in a solo mission. Taraisa is a total smokeshow. Truxton doesn’t cast […]

  • Episode 60: About Pit

    The group reels from a major loss that pits them all against each other. Cyrryx digs a hole. Jack goes back to the Devil’s lettuce. Truxton doesn’t know how a […]

  • Episode 59: O Father, Where Art Thou?

    The party investigates a mysterious death and turn up a wild conspiracy. Cyrryx Wants to find Seneca real bad. Jack asks another man to heal the party. Gorgug gets ready […]

  • Episode 58: A Nightmare’s Tale

    The party continues its buildup of the defenses of Longshadow, but soon find they may be being watched. Truxton will die soon but also never. Cyrryx recruits some perverts. Jack […]