Month: January 2020

  • Episode 57: Tables in the Mist

    Its a race to restrain the Wizard, Navah, as she is volatile and dangerous. However, as the battle unfolds startling truths are learned as their time in the “Dreamworld” comes […]

  • Episode 56: Never Been Mist

    The Heroes continue their perilous climb of Navah’s tower, but what awaits them at the top is something they would have never expected. Truxton Carries the Brunt of the Load. […]

  • Episode 55: Pet Cemetary

    As the party prepares for the impending siege of Longshadow, they take a detour in hopes of gaining an alliance with a powerful (and dreamy) magic user. Truxton repairs walls […]

  • Episode 54: War of Conversation

    The Party engages Mayor Crawbert’s advisers in combat, but this time they actually get to use their charisma. Jack explains Iomedae. Gorgug laments the horrors of war. Truxton doesn’t make […]

  • Episode 53: I’m a Harpy Girl

    The party is assailed by a band of Harpy sisters looking to take a prisoner that was promised to them. Truxton comes clean about his sadness. Cyrryx has hyper-gonorrhea. Grogug […]