Month: December 2019

  • Episode 52: Everybody Troops!

    The party charges ahead towards a hobgoblin encampment where they might find information, but find detours along the way. Cyrryx realizes shes a mesmerist. Truxton gets jacked up on mutagen. […]

  • Episode 51: Mine Bright Like a Diamond

    The party battles their way to Radya’s Hollow to follow up on a lead. Jack is back in fighting force. Cyrryx meets a hobgoblin she won’t soon forget.Laura does the […]

  • Bonus Track: Book 2 Commentary

    To celebrate our 50th episode we recorded a short commentary about everything that happened in the second book of our adventure. Enjoy! Check out our web presence at the following: […]

  • Episode 50: A Clear and Present Stranger

    The path forward is clear. The party must travel through the Hollow Hill and to Longshadow to warn the townsfolk, but what obstacles will they find along the way? Laura […]

  • Episode 49: This Golarion Escape

    In the temple of Aroden, the party reaches their destination, but what secrets will the uncover? Can they free Golarion? Grogug becomes an officer, but not a gentleman. Truxton gets […]