Month: November 2019

  • Episode 48: Operation Goblin Drop

    Truxton returns as the party sorts out some issues involving another death at camp. Meanwhile the inter-dimensional party makes its way through a hedge maze. Ferrim is threatened by a […]

  • Episode 47: On Stranger Vines

    The Interdimensional party continues through the temple searching for an ever elusive goal. Will they find what they seek or just more sex jokes? Maxi and Halam have fun with […]

  • Episode 46: Vore Ragnarok

    The interdimensional party fights their way through a way to sexy library. Hosni and Halam do some intense research. Ferrim beats some chests. SHREK SMASH! Music and Sound by Syrinscape. […]

  • Episode 45: Interdimensional Death at a Funeral

    The Party says goodbye to their ranger friend with his family and the refugees. Shrek punches a spider too hard. Ferrim Gets tricked by treasure. Hosni does a nifty dance. […]