Month: October 2019

  • Episode 44- Roll Out the Welcome Dragon 2: Acidic Bugaloo

    Our Heroes reach the final part of the final battle and Ibziriak is out for blood. It will take all of their cunning, strength and rounds of Haste to come […]

  • Episode 43.5: Council of Gorgugs

    In this special non-canonical bonus feature Gorgug is kidnapped by Gorgug and must join forces with Gorgug to find a serial killer who has already murdered Gorgug, Gorgug, and Gorgug. […]

  • Episode 43: Roll Out the Welcome Dragon

    The gang makes a critical diplomacy check in their quest to ally themselves with Jang and then turn their attention to the real threat, the black dragon, Ibziriak. Richard hangs […]

  • Episode 42: Jang High Noon

    The gang contemplates the strategy to gain a new potential ally, the Hobgoblin lieutenant and Druidess, Jang. Gregge has a change of heart. Cyrryx ponders the mysteries of fate. Gorgug […]

  • Episode 41: No Disguise For That Double Vision

    The troll oracle provides his end of the deal to save his friend as the party learns of their pasts. Gorgug does infant magic. Gregge Leaves home. Richard bakes some […]