Month: September 2019

  • Episode 40: Mold Yeller

    The party battles a beast with a powerful gaze. Cyrryx receives a message from some lady she doesn’t know. Richard gets stoned. Gorgug snorts some mold. Music and Sound by […]

  • Episode 39: Ghost in the Kennel

    The party engages in a battle with the spectre of a ranger, but find themselves at a strategic disadvantage. Laurell is more into dragons than ghosts. Cyrryx mind controls the […]

  • Episode 38: Grin and Barracks It

    The party advances on the fort and begins a what is to surely be a long drawn out battle for the fate of the Fangwood. Laurell finds a new voice. […]

  • Episode 37: Fast Crimes at Richard High

    The dragon comes out to play as the party still has a hobgoblin and big ‘ol birdie to deal with. Cyrryx goes a-stranglin’. Richard deals with some unfinished business. Gorgug […]