Month: August 2019

  • Episode 36: Roc Talk

    As the battle literally comes crashing in on the party in the form of a monstrous roc, the party must re-evaluate their strategies and their motivations. Richard and Cyrryx do […]

  • Episode 35: Just Another Crack in the Wall

    The party, finally safe from trolls and golems, proceeds to their next destination: Fort Trevalay, home of the famed black dragon Ibzairiak. Cyrryx teaches diving lessons. Gorgug has an interview […]

  • Episode 34: The Rangers with the Golem Gun

    Our heroes face down a wood golem while severely low on HP. Is it time for a TPK? Cyrryx does what Cyrryx does best. Gregge gets risky with a rope. […]

  • Episode 33: Ground Controll to Major Wand

    A magical troll threatens the party’s pursuit of a hoard of Ranger’s Treasure? They’ll probably fight and roll real well, Right? Right? Richard wants a sweet release. Gorgug considers becoming […]

  • Episode 32: Stealth, Battle, and Troll

    The party runs recon over Fort Nunder and discover the inhabitants are primed for a sneak attack. Richard scouts ahead. Cyrryx goes for the eyes. Gregge pumps ’em full of […]