Month: July 2019

  • Episode 31: Big Dick Energy

    The party recoils at the loss of a party member but makes plans to fight a brand new type of foe. Cyrryx loses her voice. Gregge has an encounter with […]

  • Episode 30: Druid and a Half Daughters

    The party takes a much needed rest as they return from the dream world. Cyrryx has some momma time. Gregge confronts his worst habit. Truxton does something no one was […]

  • Episode 29: Lady in Red(cap)

    Complications occur when new enemies enter the final confrontation. This one will determine the fate of the fort and the fate of the party. Cyrryx and Gregge have an out […]

  • Episode 28: Planet Halk

    Our brave heroes are ready for their final encounter in Fort Ristin, but is Halk ready for them? Yeah, probably. He is controlled by a DM who was literally there […]