Month: May 2019

  • Episode 23: A Tale of Two Fortresses

    The gang sits down to talk with their new friends, but as a way out of the mindscape becomes clear they take their chance to escape. Gorgug helps out on […]

  • Episode 22: Die Another Dream

    The party trudges through the strange world they’ve been dropped off in hoping to find an escape, but things get darker than they could expect. Grogug witnesses the end of […]

  • Episode 21: Eternal Mindscape of the Gnomish Mind

    As the dust begins to settle a new mysterious friend enters the picture pleading for help. Cyrryx forgets a name. Truxton antagonizes a potential ally. Gregge and Gorgug learn pain. […]

  • Episode 20: The Bridges of Bugbear Bounty

    The Fight with the Red Jaw Lieutenants continues as the party fights for the survival of all the refugees. Things get bad, and then good, and then real bad, and […]

  • Episode 19: A Molthuni Wererat In Nirmithas

    The party recovers from their initial attempt to break Camp Red Jaw’s Defenses with an all out brawl against literally everyone inside. Grogug splits the party. Truxton takes a punch. […]

  • Episode 18: Cart of Darkness

    The party discovers the source of the murders in the camp and must fight a surprisingly tactical battle to avenge their fallen friends. Gorgug utilizes fire and brimstone. Truxton can’t […]