Month: April 2019

  • Episode 17: Good Morning, Camp Red Jaw

    The Party must confront a commander in the Ranks of the Ironfang Legion. Success means information and a path towards ending an immediate threat, but defeat could mean enslavement or […]

  • Episode 16: How Truxton Got His Groove Back

    Our Heroes take a break from the hustle and bustle of that combat lifestyle and experiences a month of peace. Will it last? This is Pathfinder, so no. Truxton tries […]

  • Episode 15: Grapplemania I – Gorgug V Ighiz

    The party engages in their climactic battle to find a permanent home. Gorgug visits Suplex City. Gregge finds himself in an explosive situation. Truxton kinda just chills for three rounds. […]

  • Episode 14: Centaur You Waiting For?

    Our heroes engage in a battle to gain the favor of the troglodyte leader, but soon learn of a more religious purpose behind her schemes. Gregge takes a nap. Truxton […]