Month: March 2019

  • Episode 13: Cube d’Etat

    The party makes haste back to the troglodyte cavern only to face strange dangers on the lower levels. Cyrryx makes a friend. Gorgug goes all Scooby Doo. Truxton “learns” a […]

  • Episode 12: The Flensing Chain and The Dancing Glaive

    As the heroes reel from a death at camp, it may be time to think about a new permanent home for themselves and the refugees. Grogug does search and rescue. […]

  • Episode 11: Critty Slickers

    As a party member’s fate hangs on the outcome of a single dice roll, Phaendar’s survivors must make important decisions about how to proceed in the lair of the troglodyte […]

  • Episode 10: War and Grease

    With the threats of the deep cavern surrounding them, our heroes engage in a battle that spreads through multiple rooms. Truxton and Grogug go on a side quest. Cyryxx meets […]