Month: February 2019

  • Episode 9: Trog Cave Afternoon

    The Party begins their trek into the troglodyte lair only to find themselves in a sticky situation. Truxton gets gud. Jacque is forced to reminisce. Grogug changes tactics. Music and […]

  • Episode 8: Webons of Mass Destruction

    Our heroes emerge from the First World only to begin new conflict. With the spectre of a menecing DM’s promise hanging in the air, they must find a way to […]

  • Episode 7: Into the Fey Wild

    Our heroes are transported to a fantastic land with more dangers than they’ve dealt with before. Cyryxx loses track of time. Gregge goes rabbit hunting. Derek finds a new voice. […]

  • Episode 6: Mite Makes Wight

    The party returns from the fight with Gashmaw. Gregge finds some new pets. Truxton practices alchemy. Cyryxx “befriends” one of the refugees. Music and Sound by Syrinscape. Because Epic games […]

  • Episode 5: The Boar of the Ring

    The party tracks a ferocious beast. Truxton makes for amazing bait. Grogug doesn’t meet the gods. For the first time the gang goes a whole episode without murdering a hobgoblin. […]

  • Episode 4: Forest Fire

    The heroes take a break before figuring out how to move forward. Cyryxx travels from far away. Gregge tracks some hobgoblins. Grogug acts all gruff (but in the past). Music […]